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FunToDo Resins the producer of High-end quality resins at lowest prices since 2013. The Netherlands.
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About Fun To Do resins

FunToDo mission is to produce quality resins, at an affordable price.
  • High Precision
    Extremely thin layer (up to 2 microns) and ultra low shrinkage (less then 0.2%).
  • Ultra Fast
    Curing times of 0.5 seconds for 0.02 mm layers are easily achieved on standard DLP printers.
  • Great Value
    From 45€ /kg. Experiment, without having to think about the costs of the materials all the time.
  • Widely Compatible
    Fits up to 95% of DLP/LCD and SLA printers. As long as the wavelength is between 225 and 415 nm, it will work, and it will work fast!
  • User Friendliy
    We did our best to make the resin as safe as possible. Low odor and no skin irritation.
  • Chemical Resistance
    The industrial blend has been tested on about any chemical we could lay our hands on. Alcohol, various acids, acetone petrol, oil, brake fluid, etc.
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